teenage stereotypes fulfilled

I’m an angsty teen and this is my angsty blog.  I have days when I clich√©ly yell that my parents “just don’t understand!!!”  I cry because I’m “stressed”.  Also, I sometimes feel like no one likes me. I claim to be hungry all the time….even when I ate 1 hour ago.  I listen to Coldplay.  I use overused captions on instagram.  I think I’m hilarious … Continue reading teenage stereotypes fulfilled

Unexpected Blessings 

God gives the most unusual and unexpected blessings. Things I may have never counted as a blessing, God may turns it into my greatest joy. Dread turns into eagerness, mourning into happiness, and hatred into love. Even in my hardest  times, he is working and blessing my life. Teaching me, growing me, and pruning me.   I’m praying that this continues and my trials continue … Continue reading Unexpected Blessings¬†